Mehrdad Reshadi

Mehrdad Reshadi, PhD

Principal Software Engineer / Architect,

Instart Logic.

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Skills & Interests:

I have been working with web technologies since DHTML days and might know a thing a two about related languages:

as well as their associated runtims:

Academically, my general area of interest has been compilers, runtimes, and their application in various levels.

At Instart Logic, I'm focused on web technologies and web application infrastructure.
I've built a JavsScript based virtualization platform in the browser called Nanovisor
, and have been deeply involved in the design of other optimizations such as

At Qualcomm, I led the development of a parallel JavaScript JIT compiler that

During my PhD at UC Irvine, I worked on various aspects embedded system design, including: As part of the NISC (No Instruction-Set Computer) project, I developed a "cycle accurate compiler" for the NISC toolchain to map and compile C programs on custom datapaths. The tool was also used for automatically generating custom datapaths for a given program. Read more ...

For a complete list please see my resume and list of my patents and publication